Manfrotto 645 FTT Carbon Fibre Twin Leg Tripod With Quick Deploy Legs

The Manfrotto 645 FTT is a new tripod revealed at IBC 2019. Manfrotto have evolved the traditional twin leg tripod to a faster, lighter solution.

Regular twin leg tripods have two locks on the legs, it wasn’t possible to raise the tripod to full height without unlocking both sets of legs. A somewhat annoying design flaw, especially if you need to raise or lower the tripod with a camera on it.

Image credit: Manfrotto

The Manfrotto 645 FTT (Fast Twin Tripod) design features double tubed legs that can be released with a single release of the Ultra L-Lock. This design advances on the old double lock system found in other models of twin-leg tripods; raising the tripod from low to high can be done even faster without bending down. A similar feature to the Sachtler Flowtech.

Image credit: cinema5D

The tripod construction is available in aluminium or carbon fibre, with a 2 in 1 half ball; 100mm comes as standard, but this can be adapted to 75mm. This is beneficial for production houses or rentals that have different sized head pairings.

Also at the show, Manfrotto previewed the 635 FST tripod, this model has a single leg design, but with a twist lock to deploy the legs.

There is big competition from Flowtech, the innovative tripod design that is extremely popular in the video production industry. Can the Manfrotto 645 FTT break it’s reign?

Will this new take on the twin leg tripod win you over to buy one? What kind of camera setup would you use with the Manfrotto 645 FTT? Let us know in the comments.

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