Good News! Autofocus on the Panasonic S1R Doesn’t Suck Anymore

With all of the latest and much more affordable entries into the L mount alliance like the Panasonic S1R, the system is starting to look even more attractive. The photographers that still like big, mammoth, DSLR like cameras are going to be very happy with the Panasonic S1R’s latest firmware update. The firmware update is best done on a PC vs a Mac–and when you’re all done you’ll be rewarded with autofocus that’s going to truly astound you. This statement is said in comparison to the previous autofocus performance. The Panasonic S1R wasn’t going to win awards at all when it came to autofocus performance; and it’s still not going to if we’re being completely honest with our readers. But the performance improvement is synonymous to the way that Fujifilm X Pro 1 and Canon EOS R users felt after a few critical firmware updates improved their cameras. In both good lighting and low lighting, the autofocus performance is faster. But it’s still not perfect.

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