Rokinon XEEN CF Lens Line Expanded By 16mm T2.6 and 35mm T1.5

The ‘compact and flexible’ Rokinon XEEN CF line has been expanded by another two lenses. The new 16mm and 35mm now make up a family of 5 of these smaller and lighter lenses. 

Image source: Rokinon

In September last year, Rokinon made the initial announcement of the XEEN CF Lens line.

With that announcement, the 24mm, 50mm and 85mm arrived – with promise of a 16mm and 35mm in Q1 of 2020, and here we are!

The new 16mm (T2.6) and 35mm (T1.5) slot straight into the line up, and are available in 3 mounts (PL, EF and Sony E).

Image source: Rokinon

The lenses sport a carbon fibre cladding, hence  the CF in the name. Yet, Rokinon also suggest that it could stand for “Compact and Flexible”.

Using the exact same optics as the original budget-friendly XEEN cinema lenses – if you’re familiar with the look of the XEENs, you’ll know the XEEN CFs.

If you’re not yet familiar with those, however, below’s a marketing video for the look and feel of the XEEN CF lens line:

Also supporting full frame, the XEEN CFs are built smaller and lighter, shaving around 300g off in weight, as well as featuring illuminated markings for viewing distance measurements in the dark.

Smaller and lighter also means a reduction in front diameter size.:the originals are 114mm, and the XEEN CF lineup is 95mm.

Image source: Rokinon

It looks like the 16mm and 35mm have different lengths in comparison to the original 3 – the 24/50/85mm are all 100mm in length. Photos suggest that the 16mm is shorter and notched (to account for vignetting in full frame), and the 35mm is longer.



The XEEN CFs definitely seem like an appropriate upgrade to the original XEENs. Their price range will attract users that are conscious of size and weight, so the significant improvement in these areas will most likely be welcomed warmly.

The 16mm and 35mm lenses are priced the same way as the first 3 – USD 2.500 each or GBP 1.999 incl. VAT. Available for pre-order now.

What do you think about the Rokinon/Samyang XEEN CF line. Do you have any experience in working with one of their lenses within this line? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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