Loupedeck Introduces New Profile Creator For Their Loupedeck Creative Tool

Loupedeck is introducing the Loupedeck Profile Creator feature today for their recently launched Loupedeck Creative Tool editing accessory. The Loupedeck Profile Creator allows users of the Loupedeck Creative Tool to create unique profiles for any application aside from those already supported by the editing accessory. Photographers will be able to program custom actions and adjustments using shortcuts, keys, delays, and more without any programming know-how. For photographers and retouchers out there that like to stream their editing sessions, Loupedeck is also announcing their integration with Streamlabs as well. Head on after the jump for the full press release.

Original source: https://www.thephoblographer.com/2020/03/26/loupedeck-introduces-new-profile-creator-for-their-loupedeck-creative-tool/

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